Create with the best quality Threads and Notions.

Covid-19 was a horrid time for all of us at Level 4, now we ARE BACK AT LEVEL 1.
NZ was doing so well and has worked so hard to nip this virus in the bud and we will. 
However like many businesses we have been caught in the massive delivery delays, we can though assure customers their orders will be filled as soon as possible.

We are here for you, whether a sewer, quilter or artist.  If you are looking for a product?  Using the search feature will make finding it easier, call or email us if not showing on web site. 
Textile Art and fabric painting are products we are hoping to have in the future and have access to some items, Fabric Glue, Gutta, Paints, Dyes, resist and various other supplies. Contact us if its not on our site we will get it for you depending on availability. 

Grahame and Raewyn are totally dedicated to customer service, your order is dispatched by courier as soon as possible, if not in stock we will let you know. At times there can be delays with deliveries from our suppliers due to the continuing devastation caused by Covid-19. 

CONES- We do not stock large quantities of Cones so please ensure you order and allow time for delivery. We do stock a minimum of 2 spools in each of the other Superior Thread brands.

Customers are welcome to visit our stockroom to view all products and threads, Raewyn has been diagnosed with Cancer and is undergoing experimental treatment. Customers please call to make a time.

Joyful Creating,

Raewyn and Grahame Clark.



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