Fiskars Folding Ruler 24" x 6"

Whether you’re travelling to class or just trying to save space in your sewing room, these acrylic rulers will always come in handy.

The 6” x 24” ruler folds to a third of its size for a portable measuring tool that allows you to make long cuts without the bulk of a regular ruler. A sturdy, convenient design makes it easy to cut fabric strips right from the bolt, while the ruler’s folded 6” x 8” position is great for smaller cuts and storage. Plus, 30-, 45- and 60-degree angle lines simplify angle cutting.

The clear, durable hinge allows this ruler to lie perfectly flat for exact alignment. 

While the feature lines show clear intersections for enhanced visibility and can be read on light, dark and patterned fabrics.

Do more with a single ruler and save space at home, thanks to this smart folding design.


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